Kira Clarke

Kira Clarke From Signature Group Events

Shipping Director

Hello there! I am Kira, SGE’s Warehouse Director! With seven years of hands-on experience in the dynamic world of shipping and logistics, I’ve honed my skills to ensure seamless and efficient delivery operations. Beyond the logistics, I’m inspired by the impact that a thoughtfully delivered package can have on someone’s day. It’s been a pleasure introducing myself and I look forward to bringing that inspiration to every shipment we make at SGE.

Fun Fact:

In my world, my pink-themed office is where I ‘work it’ with style, and back at home, my three Shih Tzu dogs make sure I get my daily dose of ‘pawsitivity’ in the most colorful way possible! 🎀🐾🐶

Contact Me:

Kira Clarke From Signature Group Events



Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or ideas. We look forward to helping you create memorable gifting experiences.

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