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Embark on a sophisticated journey with our  premium collection of bags and luggage, featuring renowned brands  such as AWAY, BEIS, TUMI, and Timbuk2. Our selection combines practicality with style and luxury. Take a peek at our curated selection in the gallery below, where each image tells the  story of iconic travel companions.

Brands we work closely with:

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Explore the world of premier bags and luggage brands showcased in our gallery. Rest assured that if you don’t find your ideal travel companion, we are committed to providing an extensive array to cater to your needs.

Are these the only bags and luggage brands you carry?

No, while our gallery highlights these iconic brands, it’s just the beginning. We offer a broader selection beyond what’s showcased. Let us know your specific brand preferences or style requirements, and we’ll customize our selection of bags and luggage to complement your unique event.


Can I request a specific bag or luggage style not shown here?

Absolutely! If there’s a particular piece of luggage you have in mind but don’t see in our gallery, let us know. Our goal is to transform your vision into reality, and we can source a variety of gifts to match your needs.

What about different price points for bags and luggage?

We understand budgets vary. Whether you’re in search of luxury travel accessories or more budget-friendly options, our collection covers a wide range of styles. We’re dedicated to ensuring you find the perfect bag or luggage at a price point that suits your needs.



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